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Daisy Flowers

Join us in supporting one of our favorite people!

Our Survive & Thrive Campaign is for a beloved 'Painters family’ member and one of the toughest women we know, Dr. Janeen Hulbert. Purchase a sticker featuring the tough native passionflower vine, with the words Dr. Hulbert proclaimed when she was diagnosed with stage IV breast cancer,

"I’m not just going to survive, I’m going to thrive (and cancer hasn’t met me yet!)." All sticker proceeds will go to Janeen's GoFundMe.  Our goal is not only to raise funds to support Janeen’s healing journey, but to get these stickers on as many cars and water bottles as we can so she feels support all over WNC!

If stickers are purchased in person at Painters, you can choose to contribute $4 or more, your choice. For simplification on our end, stickers online are listed at $5 to cover shipping - if you'd like to support Janeen further, please donate here through her GoFundMe.  Note that stickers are shipped weekly on Wednesdays, so be aware that you may not receive them right away. 


Sticker design by Dana Owen.  

Dimensions are 4x4", material is waterproof & UV resistant.  Great for vehicles and waterbottles!

Survive & Thrive Sticker$5

Dr. Janeen in the greenhouse - not a bad spot for bodywork! 

Her passion for anatomy and biomechanics rivals our passion for plants -

and her puns are incredibly humerus (eh?!). 

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