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Helpful Links

Native Groundcovers of NC

Bloom time, planting needs, and additional notes from NC Native Plant Society

Native Pollinator Plants by Season of Bloom

Extended list of forage and host plants for bees, butterflies, and moths.

Bee City USA

Click to join the cities and campuses across the country rallying to protect pollinators and create positive change.

Vegetable Gardening Handout

Everything you need to know to plan your vegetable garden. Including where and how and when to plant, companion plants, harvest times, and more!

NC Native Plant Society Plant Gallery

A gallery of plants you might see in NC, including some common roadside plants--some native, some alien (or exotic). Many of the alien plants are invasive and merit attention to avoid planting.

Native Pollinator Plants for North Carolina

Explore North Carolina's top 25 native pollinator plants.

Creating Bird Friendly Communities

Aid in the conservation of North American birds by focusing on the protection of key sites and habitats that birds require.

Guide to Mulching

Reduce weed problems and watering needs by learning to mulch properly.

Favorite Native Ferns for NC Gardens

NC Native Plant Society's compilation of favorite native ferns!

NC Native Plants by Season and Color

NC Native Plant Society's list of perennial plants that all attract pollinators, provide a food source, and are available commercially.

Support Monarch Butterflies

Monarchs require milkweed during all stages of their life cycle. Learn what other plants help support this endangered pollinator.

Backyard Composting of Yard, Garden, and Food Discards

A detailed composting handout from the North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service.

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