A Plant Lover's Paradise

When you visit Painters you'll understand why our customers call this place a gardener's paradise.  We have over 9 acres with over 100,000 square feet of growing and retail space and use every inch of it (including the ceilings) to grow your plants!  (It isn't completely full until late April or so, when we can bring everything outside and when most crops are ready.)


We are open seasonally March - July with a fall sale and select weekend events throughout the year.  The rest of the year we are here growing your future plants!

Planning your visit?  Check out our Tree & Shrub Availability List, our General Plant Availability list, and the New this Week section on our website.  Weekends can be a bit crazy here so if you prefer a calmer shopping experience try coming Wednesday - Friday.  Leave plenty of time, because there is a lot to take in and you don't want to miss anything!  Maps of the greenhouse are available at checkout.  

We are unable to offer holds, prepay, or delivery, but we promise its always worth the trip to Painters!  Mid April-late May is the BUSY season at Painters; you may be intimidated by the line some days, but don't worry - we have a system and it moves quickly!  That said, we have limited staff who wear many hats, including growing and caring for plants as well as restocking all day, so during these busy weeks we may not be able to spare someone to walk you through a detailed shopping list or provide landscaping advice.  We always do our best to help, but if you're hoping for more in depth guidance, we recommend either visiting us earlier in the season (March), or emailing us with your questions in advance of your shopping trip and we will get back to you as soon as we can.  We also welcome you to check out our many resources & guides on the website; we've created them over the years for the very purpose of helping our customers plan their gardens and maintain healthy plants!

Visit our hours and directions page to view other area attractions and make a day of it!

Walking into Painters is like being transported to the tropics - come see for yourself!

(Please note that we are not wholesalers - it's a big challenge keeping up with the needs of our faithful retail customers, so we aren't able to sell plants in mass quantities.  All customers are able to receive a 10% discount once they accrue 500 points (roughly $500) for that year, so this combined with our competitive pricing means we do sometimes have landscapers shop with us, but we ask that folks looking for large quantities first touch base with us to see what we can spare (we want to meet the desires of our dedicated home garden customers for as long as possible each season).