When inside a greenhouse, please wear a mask.  We also ask that you do your best to socially distance 6 feet from others (many of our aisles are tight, and when in the checkout line it is very hard to socially distance which is why masks are very helpful).  Since mask requirements have been lifted/changed recently in schools and other enclosed spaces, it has been very hard for us to maintain a consistent, healthy workforce.  Please help keep our Painters family safe and allow us to produce the plants you love in a timely manner. 


Accepted forms of payment include all major credit cards, debit cards, tap & pay or cash. 


We ask that all customers respect our no smoking policy, including all areas of the property. While the policy was made in part for the protection and comfort of people, it is especially critical to the health of our plants. Tobacco and nicotine both have the potential to cause serious damage to plants, including the deadly Tobacco Mosaic Virus. We ask that everyone respects the need for us to protect our product, and if you have recently smoked, please avoid excessive touching of plants (especially petunias and tomatoes). This may seem extreme, but we once lost thousands of petunias to this virus, so it's no joke! We thank you for your understanding and compliance with this necessary Painters policy.


We want all of our customers to be happy with their Painters purchases. If you have an issue with a Painters plant, please give us a call or email us with a description of the problem. While we do not have a 100% return/refund policy, we typically offer an exchange of equal value if the plant has died within the season purchased. Exchanges will not be honored if the plant was obviously neglected (e.g. dried out or frost-burned) or if it shows signs of pest or disease acquired after purchase (if a plant is returned because a vole ate the roots, we obviously know the issue didn't originate at Painters). For plants that fail to overwinter, we typically do not offer exchanges or refunds unless there were signs of declining health in the warmer months after purchase (if we have a really harsh winter, there may be losses regardless of how healthy the plants were when purchased!).

We do not offer refunds/exchanges on clearance plants - these have been priced low with the understanding that they may not be as healthy and there is a chance they won't make it - buy at your own risk!

Note: Certain species such as Rhododendron, Mountain Laurel and Azaleas have a much lower likelihood of overwintering success in years 1-3, so there is always some risk associated with planting them (1 in 4 Rhododendrons is likely to fail).

We are a small business and grow most of our own plants, so we cannot offer the same blanket refund policy as most garden centers who have their shrubs and trees supplied (and replaced) by large-scale nursery companies. Thanks for your understanding!