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Described as a paradise for plant lovers, Painters has over 100,000 square feet of growing and retail space, and we cultivate around 1,000 species on site.  We grow our plants with love and intention and sell direct to our faithful retail customers.  Our plants are inspected and watered by hand and don't suffer shipping damage or transport from another climate.  We are known for our focus on natives and pollinator plants, our wide selection of perennials (over 900 varieties), our giant Boston Ferns, and our mature and unique houseplant offerings.  


We are open seasonally from March-June, with a shorter fall season September-October and special events throughout the year. People come from miles around to visit Painters, making it their 'go-to' plant nursery.  Come see for yourself!



Native plants are those that existed in North America before European settlement, and which have evolved to thrive in our specific climate, soils and temperatures. Natives are becoming an increasingly popular way to incorporate environmental consciousness into our lives.


We offer a variety of shrubs and trees including many evergreen and blooming options.  Choose from a wide selection of fruiting shrubs and trees, an extensive array of native options, and an assortment of ornamental or screening varieties.  


Annuals are plants that live for one season and our vast selection of quality annuals will excite any gardener! We offer flowering and foliage annuals to suit every need in your flower beds, container gardens and hanging baskets!


Perennials come back year after year and include a wide selection of plants ranging from beloved native Black-Eyed Susans & Echinacea, to shade-loving ferns & Hostas, as well as grasses, groundcovers, and more


We offer a broad selection of vegetables, herbs, fruiting shrubs, and fruiting trees. You will find many heirlooms varieties as well as those bred for disease resistance, container gardening, and more. Each year we grow both classic and unique cultivars, focusing on varieties that are proven to grow well in our climate.


Bring nature indoors! We have houseplants for every budget and need including low-light plants, pet friendly plants, and sought after collectibles. We are proud to offer a wide and unique selection at affordable prices.

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