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To enrich lives and local ecosystems by supplying WNC with a wide diversity of healthy, homegrown plants; to provide knowledgeable and friendly guidance to all gardeners whether green or seasoned; to evolve to best meet the needs of our customers and local community




Grown Locally to Thrive Locally

We grow over 90% of our plants at our greenhouse in Old Fort, NC - this is why we are closed part of the year.  This allows our small, hardworking team to propagate, plant, and tend to your future plants!  There are multiple benefits to locally grown plants.  Because we oversee every step of their growth and care, we know we are providing you with a high quality plant that has been individually nurtured.  It also means we are not shipping in mature plants for resale like most stores.  Locally grown plants means no damage from shipping, less fuel use (so a smaller carbon footprint), and savings we can pass on to our customers!  For those plants we do not grow ourselves, we purchase the vast majority from other local small businesses.


Supporting Thriving Communities

Plants have a special way of bringing us together, and we strive to build a community around plants and a connection to the land.  As a family owned small business that grows most of our own plants, we are proud to provide local jobs, support our community, and give back to local non-profits.  Learn more about our community involvement.

Bringing You Years of Hands on Experience

If Painters is known for one thing, its our friendly, knowledgeable staff (we can't help but brag - we're pretty proud of them!).  The team at Painters simply loves plants and are here to share their passion and expertise with you.  Whether you're looking for your first houseplant, wanting to start a pollinator garden, or shopping for the perfect tree for you yard, we are here to help!  


Helping Our Local Flora and Fauna Thrive

Because we grow our own plants, we can control every facet of their care.  In an industry that struggles with sustainability, growing locally makes a huge difference.  We are mindful of our environmental impact and make every effort to recycle, use organic, non-toxic pest treatments and beneficial insects when possible.  We also support pollinators and wildlife by promoting native species and raising awareness of how individual gardening practices can greatly affect our earth!

We have continued to increase our native plant selection, and we make it a priority to grow environmentally friendly species and cultivars in general. We deliberately choose plants that will thrive in WNC.


Described as a paradise for plant lovers, Painters has over 100,000 square feet of growing and retail space, and we cultivate around 1,000 species on site.  We grow our plants with love and intention and sell direct to our faithful retail customers.  Our plants are inspected and watered by hand and don't suffer shipping damage or transport from another climate.  We are widely known for our focus on natives and pollinator plants, our wide selection of perennials (over 900 varieties), our giant Boston Ferns (aka weddin' ferns), and our mature and unique houseplant offerings.  


Planting native is a wonderful way to support a biodiverse ecosystem in your back yard from the bottom to the top of the food chain.  We are proud to offer one of the largest selections of homegrown native plants in WNC! 

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