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March Garden Chores - Spring is Around the Corner

The first day of spring is March 20th - that's only 26 days away! In WNC, March brings sunny days that can reach into the 70s (and apparently this year February also brings summer weather!), but keep in mind that temperatures can still dip below freezing, and a fluke snowstorm is not unheard of. Now is a great time to start cleaning up the yard - pruning select items, prepping beds for spring, and getting ready to plant cool-season veggies and annuals (we will have some available opening week for those of you who are eager!)


  • Test Your Soil - Healthy soil is the basis of a healthy garden and the first step is getting your soil tested! Here's how you can test your soil through the NC State Extension Office. Folks often are advised to do this when moving to a new property, but it's a great idea at any point if you want more information on what you're working with!

  • Fertilize and Amend Based on Your Results - Your soil test will tell you the acidity of your soil as well as which nutrients you may be lacking. Based on the results of your test and what you want to grow you can amend your soil and fertilize it more accurately!