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March 18, 2024

The Scoop on Soil

Potting Mix, Soil, Mulch, & Amendments

Find a variety of potting mix, soil, mulch, and soil amendments for all your spring garden needs at Painters. Whether refreshing existing garden beds, readying a new landscape for planting, or even repotting houseplants, we've got a wide selection!


Jolly Gardener HFC/B Mix - Potting Soil

$16.00 - 2.8cf 

A mix of Hydrafiber, Canadian sphagnum peat, processed pine bark fines, coarse perlite and medium vermiculite. A true, all-purpose mix. The medium texture of the mix holds moisture well. C/B is an appropriate soil mix for: Flowering and foliage plants, hanging baskets, and bedding plants. A Painters favorite - the blend we grow in!

Organic Dirtcraft Gravity Growers Mix 

$16.00 - 40qt

A blend of natural soil conditioners and premium organic amendments provide a complete living soil for your plants to thrive. Ideal for many uses including; raised beds, container gardening, amending vegetable & flower plantings, and more. Peat-free and sustainably sourced and formulated for superior water retention. Ingredients: Organic Compost, Coco Coir, Aged Bark Fines, Perlite, Diatomite, Feather Meal, Fish Bone Meal, Gypsum.  Locally made by a small business!

Just Natural Soil Conditioner

$7.00 - 1.5cf

Just Natural Soil Conditioner helps retain soil moisture and reduces the need to water as often. The natural and organic aged bark fines break down to help aerate heavy, clay-like soils. A favorite soil conditioner among many Painters staff. We often recommend some of this along with a bit of compost mixed with existing soils when planting shrubs and trees.

Just Natural Organic Raised Bed Mix

$8.00 - 1.5cf

Just Natural Organic Raised Bed Planting Mix organically feeds for up to three months. Specially formulated for all vegetable and herb gardens in above-ground raised beds. Rich, organic materials help retain moisture and promote beneficial microbial activity.

Just Natural Mushroom Compost 

$6.00 - 0.75cf

All-natural, organic composted mushroom compost. Superior soil amendment that provides humus to soil. Perfect for all planting beds and topdressing lawns. The rich, composted components help to loosen and aerate heavy soils while helping sandy soils to retain moisture. We recommend it as a milder alternative to manure. It will provide great nutrients without the risk of burning.

Black Kow

$7.00 - 1cf

Black Kow® cow manure is an odorless, weed free, rich, composted soil conditioner. 100% aerobically composted cow manure. Adds millions of beneficial microbes, nutrients and organic matter to soil. Helps break up clay soils and adds nutrients. Supports sandy soils to hold moisture and nutrients. For flowers, trees, shrubs, lawns and gardens. Mix into soil as opposed to top dressing directly on/next to plants to avoid burn.

Timberline Hardwood Mulch

$6.00 - 2cf

Easy use for most landscaping projects. Controls moisture to reduce water use. Insulates the soil and helps control weed growth. Adds a rich, natural color to any landscape project giving a finished look and feel (undyed).

Hi-Yield Triple Super Phosphate

$12.00 - 4lb

Hi-Yield Triple Super Phosphate encourages plants to develop sturdy root systems, increases bloom production, and strengthens fruit and bud set. Super Phosphate promotes vigorous plant root growth for vegetables, shrubs, flowers, shade, and fruit trees. Staff at Painters recommend using it at the time of first planting.

Elm Dirt Bloom Juice 

$29.95 - 32oz, $19.95 - 16oz

Award Winning Bloom Juice is specifically made to enhance and magnify flowers, blooms, fruits, and vegetables. Made with worm castings to create a living liquid that speeds up the delivery of essential nutrients for blooming plants. The phosphorus, calcium and iron-rich liquid help create the ideal environment for all plants to thrive and bloom!

Life Cycle Organics Worm Castings 

$16.00 - 1G

All natural organic goodness and made in N.C. Improves soil properties and supplies plants with essential nutrients. Increases plant growth and productivity. For best results, mix 15% - 20% by volume with your favorite potting mix for new plantings, or top dress established plants by adding 1/4" - 1/2" layer of castings around plant base → rake into soil → water and cover with mulch. 

BFG Supply Co Garden-tone 3-4-4

$9.50 - 4lb

Developed for professional gardeners. Provides safe, continuous feeding for all vegetables. 100% natural and organic approved plant foods. The Tone products are made for complex blends of the finest natural and organic ingredients. No sludges or fillers are ever used. They are enhanced with Bio-tone beneficial microbes to help plants establish fast, develop deeper roots, and have superior blooms. Long lasting results–won't burn or leach away!

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