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How to Plant a Container-Grown Tree or Shrub

Did you know fall is the best time to plant trees and shrubs? This is because the cooler temperatures and warm soil stimulate root growth, plus less watering is needed compared to the hot summer months. Trees and shrubs planted in the fall will have time to settle in before the first frost and develop larger root systems which will benefit them next spring. (You can plant them with success in spring as well, but it's best to avoid the heat of the summer!)

Luckily Sara from Painters Greenhouse is here to walk you through all the steps to make sure your newly planted trees & shrubs thrive! She walks you through the materials you'll need, provides detailed instruction, and gives helpful pointers as she plants one of her favorite shrubs, Caryopteris 'Blue Mist'. This guidance can be applied to planting shrubs and trees of most any size or maturity, but some details are specific to transplanting potted shrubs and trees (as opposed to ball & burlap/bare root items). If you are planting a tree that needs some support (especially if you're in a windy location), visit this link for guidance on staking.

Grab your shovels, mulch, and visit Painters during our Fall Season, September 9th-October 16th, to choose from an expanded selection of exciting, affordable, and locally grown trees & shrubs (over 250 varieties), including more natives and cultivars than ever before!

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