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HOUSEPLANT SPOTLIGHT: Philodendron Cordatum

Two quintessential classics!


Philodendron Cordatum, a.k.a. Sweetheart Philodendron

and a brighter cultivar, Philodendron Cordatum “Lemon Lime”


These two varieties of hanging basket philodendrons are Painters’ staff favorites and likely some of the easiest houseplants to grow. Perfect for novice plant lovers, but sophisticated and elegant enough for houseplant connoisseurs. You could choose from the philodendron cordatum’s dark emerald-green hue or the bright chartreuse-colored leaves of the “Lemon Lime.” Or maybe choose both! Whether your style is traditional, eclectic, or super modern, with their lush and opulent foliage, they can fit into any décor.


Place them nearly anywhere except direct sunlight. Both varieties can be quite tolerant of lower light and some neglect! Our Painters houseplant specialist recommends them as even easier to grow than a pothos—an oft-prescribed beginner plant.


Philodendron cordatum’s heart-shaped glossy foliage can grow and trail up to 6 feet or more. Hanging philodendrons appreciate occasional trimming. Pruning back new growth right after a leaf node will encourage new leaves and more fullness at the base.


And while lush hanging baskets are a favorite way to display these beauties, they will readily climb a moss pole or trellis. In fact, in the wild, they more commonly grow as epiphytes or semi-epiphytes–climbing up the trunks of trees in tropical forests. Encourage larger leaves with a climbing pole and check out our Painters-made moss poles!


They appreciate warmth and humidity and moderate watering—only needed when the soil feels dry. Be mindful of locale and access, as these sweethearts are toxic if ingested.

Both philodendron varieties are available at Painters in 8” hanging baskets and they are stunning specimens! We also have a select number of lush “Lemon Limes” in 6” growing pots. A perfect holiday present!


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