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October 10, 2023

Week of Oct. 9th: Moss Poles, Specialty Fertilizers & More

Give Your Transitioning Houseplants a Boost!

Painters' Moss Poles

Did you grab one of the many gorgeous aeroids we had for sale during our Houseplant Spectacular last week? Did one of your tropical babies really take off this summer during the warm months? Then you may benefit from a support, and we highly recommend moss poles for optimal growth, giant leaves, and a lush look as your plant matures!

Painters' planted moss poles were just gorgeous this year, and a huge part of that was our homemade poles. We trialed many brands over the last two years, and finally decided we had to make our own. This time we made extra so we can offer them for sale as well as use them for production. Why buy the Painters' pole? We use a steel stake in the core that can handle even the heaviest of plants and won't rot over time like most wood ones. The metal stake is then surrounded by a good inch thick of tightly packed long-fiber sphagnum moss and wrapped in an open plastic mesh. We designed ours to have a thick moss layer so that the plant roots have plenty of room to grow directly into the pole rather than just grasping the outside. When you water the pole from the top (we use a halved water bottle or a funnel), then the moss soaks up a lot of moisture which the plant roots can slowly absorb. It also creates a humid zone around the plant. We also use mesh with large holes so that even the biggest roots can grow into the moss. Try one for yourself!

26" = $24 & 36" = $30

As we transition our houseplants indoors for winter and refresh and reorder our houseplant collections, it's always a good time to do a thorough wipe down for pest prevention and dust removal (not just for looks but so they can properly absorb light), and to give them some extra oomph with a good fertilizer before the cold months. We have trialed quite a few products over the years, and we really like the below fertilizers and treatments

by Elm Dirt and October Violet! Elm Dirt caught our eye because it's created by a mom who wanted to use a product safe for her kids, pets, and pollinators that was also good for the planet. She uses worm castings in the mixes and bottles them in post-consumer plastics.

And they REALLY work. We've been taking before and after photos of our plants at home!

Fertlizers are a new and improved version of Fertilizers FYI...

This is a great pairing for cleaning those leaves so they can get as much light as possible now that they are moved inside for winter.

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