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November 20, 2023

New Houseplants to Create Some Cozy

Bring Your Green Thumb Indoors and Create the Perfect Cozy Space this Winter!

This time of year, as the nights are getting longer and dark evenings spread ahead of us, what better way to spend the cozy Hygge season, than with a few new houseplants to refresh our indoor gardens!

Calathea Beauty Star


At three feet tall and in 10” pots, these are larger than we’ve carried before! With absolutely incomparable foliage—this star is ready for her close-up! And do feel free to get close as this plant is non-toxic. Loves warmth, humidity, and consistently moist (not soggy) soil.

Rex Begonia Vine


In bright, indirect light, the Rex Begonia Vine will climb or trail up to 10 feet! With stunning foliage, reminiscent of rex begonias, this plant is actually more closely related to grape vines. Water when the soil is dry to the touch. Also nontoxic! Limited quantities, on Painters moss poles as well as in hanging baskets.

 Monstera Peru


This houseplant appreciates medium to bright indirect light and maybe a Painters’ moss pole, if you prefer. The Monstera Peru is a unique climbing or vining species with more succulent foliage than the fenestrated leaves usually found in monsteras. Allow soil to dry completely between waterings.

 Cordyline Harlequin


With a vibrant punch of striped, pink foliage, this 4’ houseplant will be a stunning pop in a quiet winter home. Its upright habit can make for an effortless corner accent, but its vivid appearance screams centerpiece. They are easy to care for and thrive in warmth and humidity with consistently moist (not soggy) soil. Also known as the Good Luck Plant, a cordyline harlequin would make a lovely New Years addition!


Domino Peace Lily


This variegated houseplant has beautiful markings and large, creamy white blooms. Growing from 1-3’ tall and wide, this low-maintenance air purifier is sleek and stylish. Splashes of variegation range from pale green to cream—a lovely and Christmas-y addition!

Find these and many more in our newly arranged houseplant section!

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