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Survive and Thrive Campaign
Survive and Thrive Campaign

Survive and Thrive Campaign

In honor of tough women and tough plants! Purchase a sticker at Painters ($4+), online ($5), or donate directly through GoFundMe.

Jun 01, 2024, 9:00 AM – Jun 30, 2024, 4:00 PM

At Painters + GoFundMe and Caring Bridge

Purchase a sticker at Painters Greenhouse ($4 suggested donation), or buy one online ($5) and we will ship it.  All profits will go to Janeen's GoFundMe.

You can also support Dr. Janeen directly: 

Someone very special to our team here has been facing some scary things this year.  Dr. Janeen Hulbert is a chiropractor and body worker (trained in every possible modality you can imagine) who is not only a dear friend to our family, but who has been a very important part of our Painter’s team health and happiness over the years. Dr. Janeen’s expertise in the teaching field and as a practitioner has benefitted countless students and patients, and for the last decade, we’ve been incredibly fortunate to have Dr. Janeen set up at the greenhouse to give classes and provide treatments for our staff. We strongly feel that such bodywork helps to prevent work injuries and fosters positive physical and mental health as well as team bonding. During this time she has not only greatly alleviated pains and promoted healthier movement habits, but she’s also become an extension of our Painters family.

This past winter, at the age of 37, Dr. Janeen was diagnosed with Stage IV breast cancer that had metastasized to her liver.

When she first informed the general public of her diagnosis, Janeen shared a video in which she stated that she wasn’t going to let cancer win, and declared that she was determined not only to stay alive, but to thrive.  These words really stuck with one of our team members, and she had the idea to start a campaign for tough women and tough plants, with the motto “survive and thrive”.

What are we doing to help?

We decided to create sticker artwork that combines Janeen’s declaration with native gardening, choosing to feature the tough and beautiful native plant, Passiflora incarnata, ‘Passionflower Vine.’  All profits from the stickers benefit Janeen plus a portion of the sales from select featured tough native plants will be donated to Janeen's GoFundMe.

Janeen regularly updates her Caring Bridge page, thoroughly detailing her journey and the many conventional and complementary treatments she’s undergoing, which she hopes can aid others facing similar challenges.  She also has a Patreon page (which we highly recommend subscribing to), on which she regularly posts detailed exercises intended to alleviate pain and support healing.  These exercises are based on her years of education and certifications in unique therapies including ELDOA and Foundation Training.

Dr. Janeen's GoFundMe, Caring Bridge and Patreon pages at the top.

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