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Why We Love Angelwing Begonias

Updated: Jan 17

In search of a stunning, yet easy to care for houseplant to add color, texture, and excitement to your collection?

Angelwing Begonias are one of our favorite low-maintenance houseplants with a big impact! These plants are not prone to pests, can grow quickly, and don’t need a lot of attention. At Painters Greenhouse we grow 99% of our Angelwing Begonias onsite in our greenhouses and are careful to select cultivars that are beautiful as well as low maintenance, including...

Sophia (one of the fastest growing in our opinion)

Looking Glass (those silvery leaves are stunning!)

And classics like My Special Angel (with bright pink flowers)

Begonias can also live a long life and if properly cared for become stunning specimen plants reaching 5+ feet. If you want them to stay small, they also are incredibly tolerant of being cut back to shape, and quickly branch and leaf out to cover the cut portions. Be warned, once you catch the Angelwing Begonia bug, you’ll want to collect them all!

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