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September 14, 2022

We Can't Get Enough of These Air Plants

Plus care and display tips!

Air plants are a stunning and unique addition to any house plant collection. The don't need to be potted in soil and we love displaying in macrame air plant hangers from Line by Line Macrame. We've got a beautiful selection including some massive statement plants available this week! First-time air plant parent? Check out some care tips below - they're super easy once you know how to keep them happy!



Completely submerge your air plants in water for 20 minutes every 1-2 weeks (every week in winter when our homes tend to be drier). After soaking, shake off excess water and set them upside down to dry before returning to their display. This method is much easier and typically more effective than regularly misting them.


Air plants prefer bright, indirect light - either via sunlight of grow lights/bright indoor lighting. Avoid direct sun as they can sunburn.


Air plants make great additions to open air terrariums, bowls/planters and display cages. You can also tuck them into driftwood, hang them with fishing line, or find air plant hangers like our favorites from Line by Line Macrame. Avoid planting them in soil and ensure that they have some air flow. Such a fun plant to get creative with, and they make great gifts!

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