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May 13, 2024

Tropical Vibes from Painters to Your Porch

Bring the Indoors Outside for the Summer

With the warming weather, you can finally feel safe bringing home and taking out those tropical plants, warm season veggies, tender annuals, and any houseplants you want to add to your outdoor spaces. It’s a great time to buy tropical plants that will dress up your outdoor spaces and add that summertime, vacay vibe!

(And the really dedicated plant parent might look towards moving some inside next fall with bright light and the appropriate care.) 

Folks love our big boston ferns, but they are just one of many tropical plants available at Painters (our giant bostons are sold out, but we still have smaller ones). Find some glorious hanging kangaroo ferns or upright birds nest ferns. We also have funky foxtail ferns, massive blue star ferns, quirky rabbit’s foot ferns, and sweet button ferns that will thrive in a shady outdoor space.

And to fill your containers or add interest in the garden, we have a striking stock of elephant ears, begonias, succulents, and other tropical foliage.


And a fabulous tropical color, the Calla Lily, is on sale this week!

Take $3.00 off a 1 gallon pot and take home a gorgeous bloom!

Plus, it’s a great time to start bringing any houseplants outside from your indoor spaces, just make sure you follow proper care instructions for sun exposure and adapting appropriately. Here are two resources for navigating this transition. 

  • Some great info on sun, wind, water and placement:

  • And one of our favorite IG accounts for houseplant care -The Black Plantman has some great tips for moving houseplants outside:

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