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October 17, 2023

Thank You for an Amazing Fall Season

We were so glad to see you!

Whether you were perusing trees and shrubs, planning a spectactular perennial garden, or collecting some great houseplants, we are so grateful for all the folks who came out to share some gorgeous fall days with us.

And while the gates have just closed, the Painters team is already humming along. Growing, transplanting, ordering, and cultivating a wide range of species for our spring season. We are especially excited about our expanded straight species perennials!

If you can't wait until spring for a dose of Painters, we've got some winter events we are preparing: join Painters and regional artisans for a delightful holiday market at Little Crafty; come back early next year at the Valentine's Day Sale; and always keep an eye on the socials for future events! See you soon!

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