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June 3, 2024

Plant Sale and Spotlight: Annual Vinca

June 5th-June 9th

Annual vinca, Catharanthus roseus, is a popular choice for summer flower beds here in WNC. Annual vinca makes a great, easy addition to sunny beds, borders, and containers. With its drought and heat tolerance and ability to thrive in even poor soils, you’ll have vibrant, eye-catching blooms from summer until fall.

An annual, Catharanthus roseus thrives in full sun-part shade. Showy and easy-care, it will grow to 10-14'' tall and 6-8'' wide. An excellent choice for hot, sunny conditions, it makes for a good drought-tolerant groundcover. And it's deer and rabbit resistant. An all-around fabulous annual!

This spring season, we have five varieties available in 4” pots. Find these incredibly full and well-developed annuals to give you loads of color in your garden!

A flat is 30% off through Sunday, June 9th for a total of $24.50!

Cora XDR Mix:

Well-branched, heavy-blooming plant with loads of flowers in vibrant colors

Cora XDR White:

Beautiful mounding plants with large pure white blooms

Tattoo American Pie Mix:

Bold, eye-catching blooms all season long in shades of red, white, and purple

Tattoo Black Cherry:

Deep pink blooms inked with purple markings

Tattoo Tangerine:

Gorgeous, season-long, coral-pink blooms ''tattooed'' with purple markings

We also have a robust assortment of trailing vinca in 10” hanging baskets! The Cora Cascade series thrives in full sun and will trail 12-18” providing blooms spring through fall. Also very heat tolerant, low maintenance, and fuss-free! On sale this week for $16.00.

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