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February 27, 2023

Plant of the Week: Winter Daphne

One of our favorite shrubs that bloom in late winter, with beautiful, fragrant blooms!

Winter Daphne (White or Pink Blooming ) is highly regarded for its strong scent - possibly the most delightful scent of any flower! This shrub blooms in late winter (late February and March) along the terminal stems. It does best planted under a small deciduous tree where it is provided with shade in the hot summer months, but allowed to stand out in a winter landscape. An added bonus is that it is deer resistant! Plant in an area where everyone can enjoy the fragrance, and allow for a mature height and width of 4-5 feet.

Daphne makes a great addition to a winter garden, but do note this shrub can be a bit challenging to grow if you're not aware of a few of its care needs:

1) Daphne does not tolerate soils with poor drainage...we're looking at you, clay soils! Root rot diseases associated with poorly drained soils are likely the major cause of failure in the landscape. Ideally, plant in well-drained woodland soil with plenty of humus or plant in a slightly raised bed with amended soil to ensure adequate drainage.

2) While Winter Daphne can tolerate full sun, it prefers a protected area providing moderate shade.

3) Avoid pruning - Daphne does not heal well from cuts into mature wood, so it's best to avoid pruning. However, "pinching" or taking cuttings from the slender tips of long shoots on the current year's growth can make the plant fuller and promote heavier blooming.

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