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April 29, 2024

Plant Feature: Dichondra 'Silver Falls'

To Celebrate Catawba Falls!

We love this vigorous and reliable accent plant! It has small, rounded and soft, pewter-colored leaves on silver stems that trail over the edge of pots, window boxes, planters, hanging baskets, or even rock walls. Your own cascading falls! 

It’s heat and drought tolerant and reliably stands up to high temps and even humidity, as long as it’s not overwatered or grown in soggy soil. And it can recover quickly if watered after wilting–which makes for a very forgiving hanging basket or porch pot!  

'Silver Falls' in a sweet Part-Shade combo pot

Dichondra ‘Silver Falls’ can easily be grown in full sun, but will grow in partial sun as well. Providing as much light as possible will encourage denser growth and preserve the silver coloring. 

Dichondra argentea 'Silver Falls'

4” Bedding Plant for $3.50

  • Annual 

  • Full sun-part shade 

  • 4-6'' tall, 2-3' trailing

  • Silvery circular leaves spill luxuriously from containers in waterfall fashion, lending a romantic, dreamy atmosphere to any space

  • Can be kept indoors in bright light until warm weather arrives

  • Aka silver nickel vine

Find it in the Painter's Main Greenhouse Aisle 3 along with an abundance of gorgeous trailing and upright accent plants to add textures and color. Find items for sun and shade; we have a lot of fun components for your baskets and other planters.


And while we are celebrating Silver Falls, let’s celebrate our own neighborhood falls…

Catawba Falls Trail is reopening to the public with a reopening celebration in one month and we can’t wait! After two years of phased improvements to the trail, we are all thrilled to rediscover and reconnect with this natural treasure. Plan your trips to Painters and then take in this beautiful corner of WNC! 

Find out more by following the US Forest Service Grandfather Ranger District on Facebook @nfsnc or visit to subscribe to Catawba Falls updates. 

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