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August 12, 2022

Monstera Deliciosa Fruit

We've been waiting months to try this tropical fruit rumored to be so delicious it gave the plant its name!

Last July we noticed flowers blooming on many of our Monstera deliciosa specimen plants that live in our greenhouse. With the help of some hand pollination (just in case!), the flowers produced fruit and all of us at Painters have been patiently watching it ripen on the plant for the last 13 months. In the wild, Monsteras regularly flower and fruit.

Ripe Monstera deliciosa fruit
Ripe Monstera deliciosa fruit

The fruit typically takes 6-12 months to ripen and is said to be so delicious it inspired the plant's name. This week the big day finally arrived and we got our first taste! See what we thought below!

It really was DELICIOUS!

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