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January 30, 2024

Happy Lunar New Year!

Plants to Bring Good Luck in 2024


Fill your home or office with plants to bring you good luck in 2024! Beyond the auspicious symbolism, you certainly will be fortunate to have a beautiful space!


Looking for good fortune in money and financial matters for the coming year? A commonly known plant for luck during the Chinese New Year is a jade plant.

These plants are believed to bring about wealth, success, and good fortune.  They’re also very easy-care and good for plant novices as well as experienced houseplant parents.  Watch for a new variety—the Crassula platyphylla ‘Burgundy Jade’—at the Painters Valentine’s Day Event.  

The coin-like leaves of the Pilea peperomioides or ‘Chinese Money Plant’ symbolize prosperity! Bring one into your workspace or home office!   

This houseplant is very forgiving, and is also a fun option due to the continuous babies it produces.  Also known as the ‘Sharing Plant’, you can repot the babies and gift prosperity to friends and family as well! 

Red is a traditional symbol of vitality and the color of celebrations and prosperity for the Lunar New Year and beyond. Red is associated with life-generating energy such as the sun, blood, and fire. Add any of the below plants for an auspicious red accent!


'Black Magic' angel wing begonia

Scutum roseum or 'Pink maidenhair fern'

(Not technically RED, but so very special that it demanded a highlight!)

2024 is the Year of the Wood Dragon, so channel that same strength and vitality with a Dragon Tail rhaphidophora.  These mature into stunning climbers!

Aloe vera, with its known healing properties, is a great choice to bring health and wellbeing into 2024.  


Many plants do a great service of helping to clean the air, but they are also good luck in Feng Shui because they are said to cleanse bad energy from a space. Place a sansevieria or snake plant near your front door to keep your home full of good energy.

Philodendron brasil, while not traditionally a plant for the Lunar New Year, is a symbol of health and abundance. Place one in the center of your home or space to channel positive energy in 2024.  The new growth has a beautiful rosy hue–quite romantic! 

A peace lily, as its name suggests, is known to promote inner peace, happiness, and serenity. Bring one home to help convert negative vibes to positive!

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