How We Start Our Plants

Six staff propagated almost 15,000 unrooted cuttings this week!

We received almost 15,000 unrooted cuttings this week and our production and propagation teams made quick work of getting them planted in trays - the first step on the way to becoming the plants you bring home! *Special shout out to Propagation team members, Beth and Misty, who's speedy hands, dedication, and eye for detail always make this process look quick and easy - believe us, its long and monotonous.*

Some of our plants are propagated from our own stock plants while others are grown from orders of unrooted cuttings we purchase to save time. Unrooted cuttings, or URCs as we call them, are small sections of tender new growth taken from a parent plant that become new plants. URCs come from plants such as rosemary or lavender, phlox, Euphorbia, and succulents.

Once these cuttings are planted they get 'watered in', are placed in the cold frame (the upper structure before checkout) and get misted at frequent intervals throughout the day - weather depending - to keep them moist until they establish roots and become plugs (small seedlings or, in this case, cuttings in trays of small cells that have developed roots). Then our production team will bump them up into larger individual pots, and eventually most of these plants will make it down to our lower greenhouse where they will stay warm and continue to grow over the winter so they are ready for you in the spring!