Join us for our 2021 season!

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Click here for an Excel version of our general availability (excludes shrubs & trees - see below price lists).

Please note: this is a list of projected availability for the season; all items listed are not available for sale at this time

Some varieties (in particular slow-growing houseplants) may not be ready until summer or even our fall season.  We could have a crop failure, and with the massive increase in demand this year, we are selling out of items quickly.  Please contact us before visiting if you want to know current availability of specific items.  (Shrub and tree availability is updated every few days in the price list below, but we can't keep up with our 1,500+ other plant varieties on the general availability.)

For our 2021 native plant list, click here(Again, note that all may not be ready yet and/or may sell out.)

Click here for an Excel version of our pricing, including a tab for general pot pricing, a tab for shrubs & trees organized by scientific name, and a tab for shrubs and trees organized by common name.  (Updated 5.11.21) 

If you prefer PDFs/don't have Excel, click here for a PDF of our current General Price List (updated 5.11.21).  Click here for a PDF of our current Shrub & Tree Availability/Price List.  (Updated 5.7.21)

On the general price list, note that prices in red are items on sale, and items in grey are not quite ready.  On the shrub and tree list, plants that are in red text are those that are native to WNC.  We price a majority of our plants by pot size, so you may need to email for a specific quote if unsure of the size.


Please do not visit our premises if you or anyone in your household is showing signs of illness, whether you are vaccinated or not. We want to slow the spread of COVID in our area, and we care about the wellness of our staff. 

Our shopping areas are all either outdoors or in greenhouses with open side(s). After reading extensive reports by the CDC, Dr. Fauci, Governor Cooper & infectious disease specialists, we have decided to update our mask policy. Studies have shown that fully vaccinated individuals are very safe in outdoor & open air environments & even indoor areas, & that they are extremely unlikely to contract OR spread the virus.  

  • Fully vaccinated individuals may now shop maskless. 

  • We strongly urge those of all ages who have not been vaccinated to continue to wear masks for their own safety, as well as that of other unvaccinated customers, staff, immunocompromised individuals & children. These same guidelines apply to our staff.

  •  Customers are encouraged to use provided hand sanitizer before entry.

  • All customers & staff must maintain 6' distance from others whenever possible.

  •  Please monitor children to ensure they follow protocol.


We sanitize bathrooms and common-touch surfaces daily, but due to increased customer volume, we aren't able to keep up with sanitizing shopping carts between uses.  Help us keep things safe, reduce our labor costs, and maintain our low prices by using one of the provided sanitizing wipes to clean your own cart before use.  Our primary goal is to maintain a safe environment for our Painters family and customers - we greatly appreciate your understanding and assistance!

Due to COVID limitations, there may be less staff available to assist you while shopping.  We have our usual informative signs labeling crops with pricing and growing information, but we recommend doing some research and planning in advance in case you aren't able to have any one-on-one time with a staff member.  We also have wi-fi available if you need to research a plant while shopping, and we also have maps of the retail floor and main greenhouse - ask for one at the checkout counter if you're new to Painters or would like some guidance in finding desired plants!