Join us for our 2021 season!

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Click here for an Excel version of our general availability (excludes shrubs & trees - see below price lists).

Please note: this is a list of projected availability for the season; all items listed are not available for sale at this time

Some varieties (in particular slow-growing houseplants) may not be ready until summer or even our fall season.  We could have a crop failure, or we could completely sell out of something quickly.  Please contact us before visiting if you want to know current availability of specific items.  (Shrub and tree availability is updated every few days in the price list below, but we simply can't keep up with our 1,500+ other plant varieties on the general availability.)

For our 2021 native plant list, click here(Again, note that all may not be ready yet and/or may sell out.)

Click here for an Excel version of our pricing, including a tab for general pot pricing, a tab for shrubs & trees organized by scientific name, and a tab for shrubs and trees organized by common name.  (Updated 4.8.21) 

If you prefer PDFs/don't have Excel, click here for a PDF of our current General Price List.  Click here for a PDF of our current Shrub & Tree Availability/Price List organized by common name.  (Updated 4.8.21)

On the general price list, note that prices in red are items on sale, and items highlighted yellow are new as of this week. On the shrub and tree list, plants that are in red text are those that are native to WNC.  We price a majority of our plants by pot size, so you may need to email for a specific quote if unsure of the size.



We are operating at limited capacity; we have a large space mostly outdoors so should be able to accommodate a full parking lot of cars, but come 'busy season' we may have to hand out pagers for folks to stroll the grounds until we can let more into the shopping area safely.  All customers must wear a mask and sanitize hands upon entry (as do our staff).  We sanitize shopping carts in between uses, and we maintain strict bathroom cleanliness protocol.  We care very much for the safety of our staff and loyal customers; help us keep things safe by social distancing during your visit!

Due to COVID limitations, there may be less staff available to assist you while shopping.  We have our usual informative signs labeling crops with pricing and growing information, but we recommend doing some research and planning in advance in case you aren't able to have any one-on-one time with a staff member.  We also have wi-fi available if you need to research a plant while shopping.


If you have a medical condition that prevents you from wearing a mask or any other medical condition preventing you from shopping for yourself, we do our best to accommodate orders.  It might take a few days for us to get the order together, so please be patient with us!  If you need to use this option, please email us a detailed order and we can reply letting you know which items are available in what sizes/at what prices, and let you know when we can have it ready for pickup.



• Children must be monitored by parents to ensure compliance with our safety measures

• All visitors must wear masks (as do all staff)

• Customers must sanitize hands before entry (staff also sanitize/wash hands regularly)

• All customers & staff must practice social distancing; maintain 6' distance from others whenever possible

 (Staff may have to make exceptions when loading items requiring two people or when behind the checkout counter.)

• Avoid touching plants or items that you don't plan to buy

• Avoid touching face, cough or sneeze into shoulder

• Organize shopping carts so they can be tallied with all items easily visible

Thank you for helping us keep Painters safe!!

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