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Little Crafty Holiday Gift Guide

Updated: Nov 30, 2022

Our First Annual Little Crafty is Saturday, December 3rd, and we cannot wait to welcome you to Painters Greenhouse to celebrate the holidays! We've put together some helpful holiday shopping guides including the vendors that will be set up at Saturday's event!

These stickers are perfect for anyone who’s too free spirited to be contained by walls and doors. Precious little gems that can stick just about anywhere - reusable water bottles, laptops, phone cases or van. Rest easy knowing that these stickers are sun resistant, scratch resistant and water resistant making them tried and true when it comes to durability.


Maggie’s Magnificent Garden Oil

Made from organic camellia oil infused with notes of cedarwood, lavender and black pepper. Camellia oil has long been used in Japanese culture as a beauty aid because of its deeply nourishing and hydrating properties. It's even known to decrease dark spots and inflammation. This cosmetic grade oil is perfect year round for use on hands and feet or any skin that needs a boost (and who doesn't need that in the winter?!).

Dark chocolate infused with the bright cheeriness of orange zest and studded with dried cranberries. Sure to transport you to holiday gatherings surrounded by friends and family.

Starting at $4

A thoughtful, calming blend of herbs to ease stress, help you relax, and set you up for a good night's sleep.


These teardrop macrame earrings are the perfect everyday earring; throw them on with any outfit for a simple, boho touch to effortlessly add some unique style! These earrings are lightweight and come in a range of colors to suit any style!


Air plants are a stunning and unique addition to any house plant collection. The don't need to be potted in soil and there are many fun, unique ways to display them. First-time air plant parent? Check out some care tips to keep them happy!


Including candy canes, assorted wreath ornaments, snowflakes, Christmas Trees, and more, these hand-crafted ornaments make a great gift or treat for yourself!


Birch Holiday Decor

Adorable birch snowmen and reindeer are available to add a bit of cheer to any holiday decor!



Adorable 4.5" sized poinsettias are available in a range of fun colors/cultivars - we like the size because they're easy to tuck on a shelf for holiday color while keeping them out of reach of handsy toddlers or munching pets!


If you've got a gardener you're shopping for why not give them the gift that keeps on growing with a Painters Greenhouse Gift Certificate? They are available for purchase online and will also be available for purchase in print on Saturday. The certificates are good for use through 2023.

Trusty 12" Loop Weeder. The unique design allows for surface weeding near plants without causing damage to nearby root systems. Stainless steep loop is rust-resistant. This is a great tool for speeding up weeding and working in tight areas!

Barebones makes incredibly tough tools that also feature beautiful craftsmanship. This tool is crafted after the Japanese Hori Hori and can be used in extreme conditions and not show a scratch - perfect for your loved one who is going to spend all summer in the garden!

The Foxgloves C3 hat equals Comfortable, Cotton and Crochet. C3 hats are light weight, practical and a pleasure to wear. They are hand crocheted in Bali by a women’s cooperative, so each is unique. The 4” brim and tight crochet provide UPF 50+ sun protection. The C3 hat is perfect for the garden, beach, and beyond!

We've got multiple styles of these gloves that our staff members rave about! Available in a range of fun colors, give the gardener in your life a special treat with a new pair of these gardening gloves - whether it be the elbow length super soft long gloves, or the multipurpose, breathable yet highly durable work gloves!


A Painters Greenhouse Gift Basket

Choose from several fun combinations of Painters gift certificates, gloves and tools, gardening salve, and t-shirts tucked into rustic baskets.


What do you get the plant lover with too many plants? How about something new? This handcrafted jewelry made with earthy crystals and ammonites, gears and keys, clay pendants, and wire wrapping by both The Sparkly Hippie and by Monica Allen is sure to impress!

If you know you're plant-loving loved one would love another plant this year, then gift them a truly unique plant like these mounted or planted Staghorn Ferns crafted on-site by our team members.


For the houseplant obsessed, too many plants and not enough room is a common problem. Gift them a beautiful way to display their plants and create more space with one of theses locally crafted plant hangers from Line by Line Macrame.

$22-$72 (Pictured $30)

If you're obsessed with plants, you never have enough planters. These modern planters by Peach & Pebble come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes and are simple enough to blend in with almost any style of decor.

If your loved one tends to overwater their plants, consider gifting them a locally crafted terra cotta pot from Vine & Frond. Terra cotta absorbs water and therefore helps plants dry out faster - often helpful for those who tend to drown their plants. Available in hanging planters, 4" and 6" in a wide assortment of fun designs!


Snake Plant

The closest thing to an un-killable houseplant that is still alive! This plant can survive weeks (sometimes months!) of neglect in a corner, so if you have a friend or family member who loves plants but can't keep any alive perhaps a snake plant is the way to go!


If your loved one loves plants but struggles to keep them alive, give them a wonderful piece of plant-themed wall decor to brighten their room or office - that way they can still enjoy plants without having to worry if they watered or not!


Festive Rosemary Tree

Bring the host or hostess in your life a festive and practical gift that can liven up their kitchen and flavor their meals!

Baked Goods from Houston House

Houston House will be on hand with a wide variety of cookies, breads, pies, sweets, and more! These pictures are mouth watering, and everyone certainly has someone who'd love a sweet surprise (maybe themselves)!

Homemade Jams & Jellies from Anne's Kitchen Treats

Enjoy locally made strawberry jam, peach jam, blueberry jam, blackberry jelly, muscadine jelly, fig preserves, pepper jelly, and holiday cranberries in wine sauce. Buyers can create their own gift box with trim, bow, and choice of products, or purchase individually. A great pairing with fresh bread from Houston House!


One of a kind hand-crafted copper garden art made locally by Haw Creek Forge! They're moving quickly, so come get yours this weekend. We've got a wide assortment of pieces including hummingbirds, owls, frogs, praying mantis, dragonflies, birds, and more! These pieces are absolutely stunning and will be prized for years by their recipient.

BLooM 100% Soy Candle

Soy Wax is non-toxic and burns cleaner than paraffin, with no petrol-carbon soot which can blacken walls, ceilings, and furniture, contaminate ventilation ductwork in your home, and add toxic carcinogens to the air you breathe. These hand crafted, clean burning soy candles are available in 47 creative scents, including holiday options such as 'Christmas Memories' (orange, cranberry, clove and evergreen).

Houseplants that Bloom in Winter

Gift houseplants that provide colorful blooms throughout the darker winter months to brighten someone's space and day.

Christmas Cactus - $6-$14

Anthurium - $14

Cyclamen - $12

Turn your bath into a magical escape with the calming, good night's sleep-inducing scent of lavender.


Elderberries are packed with antioxidants, contain immune-boosting vitamins, reduce inflammation, and in studies the syrup has been shown to shorten the duration of the flu. Keep your loved-ones happy and healthy all winter long when you gift them Elderberry Syrup.


In highly detailed designs and a variety of scents, these soaps are sure to pamper your hands and everything you wash.


The Owen family is obsessed with their Spear Head Spades! Truly the toughest and most efficient garden tool they've ever used, and a wonderful option for our tough clay and rock-filled soils! The Spear Head Spade garden shovel was designed by 85-year old Daniel Mathieu to easily penetrate tough soils and be lightweight while incredibly durable - anyone will appreciate using them, but it's especially helpful for folks with some aches and pains, bad backs, or other challenges making digging a daunting task. The New Jersey based company claims their spades make digging 80% easier than the typical garden shovel or spade, and we agree wholeheartedly! We are proud to be the first NC business to carry them!

Many new homeowners begin to dream of their future landscape or garden when they buy their home, but undertaking a big project like that after buying a new home can be daunting! Help your newly nested loved ones afford the landscape of their dreams with a Painters Greenhouse Gift Certificate (available for purchase online or in person on Saturday).

A large outdoor planter can be a big investment and also a touching gift to a new homeowner. Whether it's for their front door, back deck, or somewhere in between its sure to be a thoughtful gift they will enjoy for years to come.

Gift an early present this holiday season and bring your loved ones to Painters on Saturday, December 3rd, from 9am - 12pm, to add come sparkle to their days with colorful strands from Mountain Fairy Hair! RESERVE YOUR SPOT TODAY!

$25 (cash or check only)

Unicorn Cottage Crafts features unique, handmade fiber art creations for all ages;

whimsical stuffed animals like unicorns and dragons, crocheted kitties and cacti, and other curious creations!

Who says only kids can color? Adult coloring books are a mindful activity that can be relaxing and creative.


Perfect for kids and adults alike! Stir this 70% Sierra Leone dark chocolate into your favorite type of hot milk to make a rich cup of hot chocolate! Let the winter magic begin.


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