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8 Pet Safe Plants We Love

8 Pet Safe Plants We Love Keep your four-legged friends safe with these houseplants

1. Calathea There are a multitude of varieties to choose from - all pet safe, and all with stunning leaves that look as though they'e been painted on. Calathea can get a bad rap for being high-maintenance, but some like Calathea peacock and freddie make for moderately easy houseplants with big impact! These plants like high humidity, thrive in medium, indirect light, and don't like to dry out too much in between waterings.

2. Ferns Ferns, including the billowy blue star, lemon button, statement making staghorn, and bird's nest ferns are a great pet safe choice for adding dimension to your houseplant collection. (Be aware that asparagus ferns are not actually members of the fern family and are toxic if ingested.) Most ferns like indirect light, evenly moist soil, and high humidity. Did we mention that blue star and lemon button ferns also top our list of easy to care for houseplants?

3. Cast Iron Plant A member of the lily family, you can expect to see this plant everywhere in 2022, as it's been topping the lists of trending houseplants . With eye-catching leaves speckled in white, this pet friendly plant adapts well to the home, is extremely easy to care for, and will even tolerate some neglect. (While pet safe, cats love this plant, so you may want to keep it out of reach to prevent it from being munched on!)

4. Hoyas There are loads of Hoya species available and all of them are pet safe! A few of our favorites include Hoya pubicalyx, Hoya shepherdii, Hoya krimson queen, and Hoya carnose compacta (aka Hindu Rope). These plants like bright indirect light (they burn easily, so watch out!), prefer to dry out between waterings, and they benefit from being sprayed with an orchid fertilizer. They also offer stunning blooms!

5. Spider plants Did you know that spider plants come in both curly and straight varieties? These plants are a tried and true pet-safe favorite that makes a lovely addition to a plant hanger or shelf (plus they make a great air purifier). These plants like bright indirect light and don't like to dry out too much between waterings, but are typically very forgiving.

6. Stromanthe Triostar The stunning pink, green, and white foliage on this plant is pet safe and is a great way to add some color to your space. Featuring bright pink on the undersides of its leaves, this plant is relatively easy to care for but does best in an environment with high humidity.

7. Streptocarpus We cannot get enough of this flowering houseplant (in fact it is one of co-owner Dana's favorite plants!). Related to the African Violet, this plant is known for its low-maintenance care and almost year round blooms! It likes bright, indirect light and to stay evenly moist, but will tolerate a little neglect.