Check out the below videos and albums for a peak at a few of our 2020 sales and some glimpses behind the scenes. Visit us on Facebook or Instagram for more regular posts!

A rainy, peaceful Christmas Eve at Painters

Join Dana for a demonstration of propagation by cuttings, a discussion of our Integrative Pest Management practices and a demo of applying beneficial insects!

Photos from our Fall Sale 2020 

Photos from our clearance sale, July 2020

Videos from past sales with some garden tips!

This video was about our pollinator plant sale the week of 6.15.20

Dana discusses some of her favorite pollinator plants at Painters in the above video.

This video was for the sale on May 15th & 16th.
A description of the plants we are featuring in this week's sale.
This Week's Plant Selections!

This video was for the sale May 7th & 9th.

This video was for the sale May 1st & 3rd & mainly focuses on shade perennials. 

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