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Amazing Markdowns for the Last Week of Our Fall Sale

15% off trees & shrubs and up to 50% off houseplants

Specialty Houseplant Release

Including Philodendron Silver Sword, String of Hearts, and String of Turtles

Plant of the Week: Native Sweet Gum

This tree offers amazing support for wildlife!

How About Heuchera?

Are you familiar with this cool weather-loving perennial?

Up to 50% Off Houseplants

Help us clear space so we can revamp our houseplant program!

Costume Contest on Saturday, October 23rd

Enter for the chance to win one of three Painters Greenhouse gift cards!

Spotlight: Coffee Plants

Did you know that the same plant responsible for your morning cup of joe does great as a houseplant?

Opening Weekend Specials

You can't miss these great deals!

Plant of the Week: Philodendron

Philodendron are amazing plants that typically do fabulously indoors!

Help Support Pollinators - Plant Milkweed

Milkweed is an integral part of the Monarch life cycle

DIY Combos

Learn how to turn an empty pot into a seasonal statement.

Snake Plants

From classics to hard to find, Painters is the place to buy your snake plants this fall