Celebrating Toni's Ten Years of Hard Work!

Heres to another ten!

If you've shopped at Painters in the last decade then you have certainly come across Toni and likely remarked on how kind and helpful she was. This is her tenth year with us and we would like to take the opportunity to thank her for her tremendous hard work!

While the greenhouse can sometimes feel like a madhouse of activity, Toni is the person that helps us keep things in order. She is known for coming in early to make sure the entrance is welcoming, always stays one step ahead when we have events, and if you ever notice a lovely touch somewhere like a bouquet at checkout or a hanging basket that brightens up a corner, you can bet it came from her.

Toni has a background in early childhood education and was seeking a change when she stepped up to the Painters checkout counter ten years ago and introduced herself by saying "I absolutely love plants and love it here, if you ever need any help,"... and the rest is history. That was in the spring of 2011 - our first season after purchasing the business from the Painters.

Since joining us Toni has had a range of duties. As our Retail Display Coordinater and Sanitation Co-Manager not only does she keep this place clean and looking good, but she is also responsible for the merchandising of the indoor and outdoor pottery, garden art, and decor.  She is essential in helping customers with their shopping needs and can often be found tending to our aquatics section.  Toni has a great work ethic and is truly the sweetest, most polite person you will meet. 

What does Toni like most about working at Painters? Every day there is something new to learn and something new growing. Things aren't static here, and she enjoys adapting to the different roles required. At work and in life Toni is adventurous, a life-long learner, and always up for new experiences and challenges!

Above all else Toni values her family and credits her two grandkids with keeping her young. When she's not at the greenhouse, Toni is spending time with them - camping, hiking, and while she no longer has a horse, horseback riding when she has the chance. Like many of the staff, Toni likes to bring her love for plants home. She has planted a large variety of flowers, shrubs, and ferns, and has enjoyed building her shade garden.

You can also thank Toni for the seasonal/Halloween decor you see at the greenhouse this fall. It's her favorite time of year and she loves being able to share that with all of you!

Thanks for all of your hardwork Toni!