DIY Combos

Learn how to turn an empty pot into a seasonal statement.

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1. Start off with your favorite seasonal annuals that pack some punch! You can also use asters or other perennial fall-blooming flowers.

2. Fill it in with smaller flowers in contrasting colors like violas - they'll even trail a little bit! You can also use perennial Creeping Jenny if you really want something cascading out of the pot.

3. Add a grass for height and thrill! (Bonus points for incorporating perennials that will last throughout the year). There are numerous varieties and colors of grasses to choose from. Euphorbia is another great choice for height, texture and color.

4. Tie it all together with the striking foliage of heuchera (another perennial!). Ajuga, ornamental kale and cabbage, and ferns are also great ways to incorporate texture and foliage.

5. Make sure you like the combination of colors, heights, and textures.

6. Plant it! You will want to plant your planter fuller than you would in the summer. Even though these plants will tolerate some cold everything grows slower in the fall and winter. AND ENJOY!