What to do in Your Garden in November

what should you be doing to prepare your plants for dormancy and set yourself up for success next spring?

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If you weren't feeling it already, this week's time change confirmed that winter is upon us. It is time to do some final pruning, put away your tools, and prepare to rest a little. What are the most important things to keep in mind for your garden this November?

  • Bring in your garden tools. Use this opportunity to clean, sharpen, and oil them so they're ready for next spring

  • As always, continue to weed

  • Continue watering until the ground freezes

  • Plant spring bulbs, including flowers and alliums such as garlic and shallots

  • Now is a good time to relocate significant landscape staples. Replant them immediately, planting at the same depth as before

  • Enjoy harvests of cool season greens such as arugula, mizuna, collards, spinach, and kale

  • And don't forget to make time to enjoy the beautiful fall colors!