Plant of the Week: Philodendron

Philodendron are amazing plants that typically do fabulously indoors!

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With more than 500 plants in the Philodendron family we can't pick just one! Philodendron are amazing plants that typically do fabulously indoors. They grow in a variety of ways, shapes, and sizes - giving you endless variety to choose from. From the everyday to the rare philodendron are a favorite of houseplant lovers everywhere!

We've got a great and ever-growing selection of philodendron at Painters - from the trailing Philodendron Brasil and the small and stunning Philodendron Birkin; to statement plants like Philodendron Hope; great starter plants such as Philodendron Atom; and highly sought after plants like Philodendron Silver Sword - you're sure to find one you love!

Here are a few of our favorites:

Philodendron Narrow (aka Jungle Boogie or Tiger Tooth)

With stunning saw-tooth edged leaves that can reach up to 2-3ft and only getting more dramatic as this plant matures, we are kind of obsessed with one of the newest additions to our philodendron collection. We recently had a customer name hers Reina, because she is a tropical queen. We may have to rename the tags on this royal beauty soon!

Philodendron Atom

Atoms make a great beginner plant! This compact philodendron features wavy deep green leaves, minimal pest issues, and straightforward care. A great accent plant in a plant arrangement, its round shape and dark glossy leaves accentuate almost any other houseplants!

Philodendron Hope

This philodendron will instantly transport you to the jungle with its large, frilly and wonderfully wild growth habit! It can grow up to 5ft and its leaves can reach 3ft across! It makes a great solo floor plant or instantly emerges as a stunning statement plant when arranged with other house plants. Tip: rotate yours occasionally to maintain a nice round shape.


All of these philodendron are great, easy to care for, and are relatively low maintenance.

They like:

  • Medium/bright indirect light

  • For the top two inches of soil to dry out between waterings

  • Fertilizer once a month during their growing season

  • Well-draining soil amended with perlite and orchid bark

  • Being tropical plants, they love warmer temps and humidity so be sure to maintain sufficient levels, especially during the winter (if the leaves start to crisp or brown consider using a humidifier or pebble tray)