Houseplants at Our Fall Sale

Featuring new specialties and long-time favorites

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We our proud to offer an ever-growing selection of houseplants and succulents at Painters while maintaining the quality, size, and savings we're known for. This fall we will have a select number of a variety of houseplants & succulents (please note that many things will not be restocked so if there is something you desperately want we recommend coming early). View our full availability list. Here are some we are excited about:


If you haven’t seen the gorgeous velvety leaves on this trailing philodendron in person you may not know what you’re missing. The leaves emerge a beautiful rust color and maintain that on the underside while the top turns an iridescent dark green. When the sun catches one of these leaves you'll understand why they're one of the hottest plants this year! They will be available in hanging baskets.


While not in the Monstera family this plant is often referred to as a Mini Monstera because the leaves of the two plants have similar fenestrations (holes or gaps). This plant loves to climb - train it to climb up a wall or arc over a window for easy dramatic effect. Fast growing and low maintenance, this plant will be sold on trellises and the price can’t be beat!


In the same family as the ever-popular Fiddle Leaf Fig and Rubber Tree, this ficus offers large heart-shaped leaves that are paper thin and extremely glossy, giving the plant a whimsical quality. If you haven't had luck caring for a Fiddle Leaf, give Ficus umbellata a try. It is considered easy/medium in difficulty. This plant has been a mainstay in Japanese culture for years and we're starting to see it more and more!


The Alocasia craze continues, and we are all for it! You will find a number of specialty Alocasias at Painters this fall including the jaw-droppingly beautiful Black Velvet. True to it's name this plant has thick velvety leaves, bright contrasting veins, and a texture that almost looks reptilian. These plants can be particular, so do your research before you bring one home!


Don't worry, we will also have a number of our classic houseplants available as well this fall including Monstera deliciosa, varied Pothos and Philodendron, and our giant Fiddle Leaf Figs - arguably the most popular houseplant for years!

While Fiddle Leaf Figs can sometimes get a bad rap, if you're able to meet their needs (lots of light, not too much water, and in our experience a minor amount of neglect), they will reward you with multiple new leaves larger than a frying pan! Their columnar growth means they easily add architectural interest to any room. There is a reason they've claimed the top position among houseplants and held onto it!