Houseplant Parenting Styles Experiment

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When you work with houseplants for a living you come to learn that even if you do everything right, unexpected problems can arise. You also become familiar with the various forms of plant-parenthood from neglectful to over-attentive. Co-owner Dana, Houseplant Program Co-Manager Austin, and Digital Media Manager Caroline are undertaking an experiment to see how their plant care styles effect their plants!

Dana's cats pictured abovie checking out their new sister, Audrey, (Please note that Ficus are in general moderately toxic to pets, so while we posed our new Audreys with their furry siblings, they were then kept out of reach!)

Austin's dog Barb is wondering why he needed another plant.

Three weeks ago they each brought home a Ficus Audrey. The plants were similar in size, had just been transplanted from a plug tray, and were put into matching pots with the same soil. From here on out, it's up to the new owners!

Caroline's pup got a little too excited...

We will be checking in with the three of them over the coming months to monitor the progress of each plant. We'll look at each of their plant care routines, lighting situations, learn how and when they transplant their plants and much more. Along with that we'll break down their plant-parenting styles, give you helpful tips and tricks, and monitor the health and well-being of each plant to see what we can learn from this. We're excited to share this with you, so stay tuned for updates.