Fall Perennials

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It is always nice to incorporate fall perennials into your landscape so you can maintain texture and color in your garden as the temperature drops, the days get shorter and your summer flowers are no more. This fall at Painters we will have a lovely selection of perennials for your fall and winter gardens including grasses, heuchera, and some of our favorite fall bloomers featured below. You can view our full availability list here.


These perennials have a beautiful mounding habit and bloom from late summer through fall when many flowers have faded.

Tip: pinch back the tips and flower buds on all shoots in the summer to make the plant bushier and have more blooms in the fall!

After the blooms fade, cut the plants down to about 6 inches, and cover them with straw or another dry mulch to protect the roots over winter.

Sheffield Pink Hardy Mum.


Like Hardy Mums these plants flower in response to shortening days. These quick growing perennials are loved by people and pollinators and will continue to impress for years to come.

Tip: We love purple or blue asters, like October Skies, in combination with ornamental kale. The colors play off each other beautifully long into the fall.

October Skies Aster (Photo: Chicago Botanic Garden)


People are often amazed to learn that this plant with stunning orchid-like flowers is a perennial that blooms in the heat of August through the fall, and is a great addition to any shade garden.

They're also a great source of late-summer nectar for hummingbirds and butterflies.

The Spruce suggests:

Pair these plants with moisture and shade-loving foliage plants, such as hostas and ferns; with annuals, such as impatiens and coleus; or with flowering perennials for shade, such as Indian Pink or columbine. Toad lilies fill a blooming gap in the shade garden when many ephemerals such as bleeding heart have faded for the season. Be sure to plant toad lilies at the edge of the border, where you can admire the profuse but small flowers on 1- to 3-foot plants. Toad lilies also make attractive container specimens, although in colder regions they should overwinter in the ground for added protection to the roots and crowns.

Toad Lily


Another great pollinator plant that blooms until first frost. You will find some beautiful blooming coneflowers at Painters to add a bright pop of color to your fall garden.