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As we head into fall and your favorite summer blooms begin to fade it is time to start thinking about cool weather plants for your garden! We will offer a stunning selection of Belgian mums in assorted fall colors, pansies and violas at our fall sale. View our full availability list here and keep reading to discover which are right for your garden.


You quintessential fall container plant. You'd be hard pressed to walk down a street in October and not find mums on someones porch, and for good reason - they come in all of our favorite fall colors. Decorating your porch for fall can be as easy a plopping a pot of these into your favorite container! In this still sweltering summer heat, we recommend waiting 'til late September/early October to put out your mums.


A few of these stunners can go a long way - their large flowers pack a big punch and they come in so many colors, you'll have a hard time choosing! These flowers make a big impact and can quickly liven up a front porch or add interest to a walkway.


Even after your marigolds have died, your impatiens are gone, and the frost has toasted your coleus and zinnias, these flowers will be going strong. We find that the traditional cultivars like Johnny Jump Up's are the hardiest. Violas will continue to bloom under a foot of snow and through May. They have small flowers with more buds per plant, covering an area nicely or trailing slightly from a basket.