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September 20, 2023

Week of Sept 18th: 20-50% Off Select Items


We have an amazing selection of grasses this fall, including many natives. Grasses really shine at this time of year, offering beautiful seed heads, rich color, and nice texture in your fall gardens. Make sure to leave your grasses uncut through the winter for visual interest, and especially because they provide essential food, housing and shelter for birds, bees, and other wildlife. Our hope is this discount will make it easier to stock up on grasses for mass plantings - they make excellent borders, and when planting with wildlife in mind, they're most beneficial when planted in groups of 3 or more. Check out our blog post "Developing a Love for Ornamental Grasses" to read how Dana fell in love with grasses in her gardens - both for their beauty & wildlife support!

Below are some of our favorites currently available and 20% off:

Little Bluestem, now $6.80-$8.80

Photo courtesy: Hoffman Nursery

Fountain Grass 'Hameln', now $8.80

Photo courtesy

Fountain Grass 'Little Bunny', now $8.80

Photo courtsey

Switchgrass 'Dallas Blues', now $11.20

Photo courtesy

Sedge 'Red Rooster', now $8.80

Photo courtesy

Japanese Forest Grass 'All Gold', now $11.20

Photo courtesy

Blue Grama Grass, now $8.80

Photo courtesy:

-- PLUS --

20% off Kim Queen Porch Pots & Baskets

Now starting at $14.40, and absolutely massive! (Note that these do well indoors also.)

• 30% off Pink Splash Syngonium

Now $9.60-$12.80 (Very large & trailing, but some reversion)

• 30% off Tree Ferns

Now $28.80, only a few of these beauties left!

• 40% off Autumn Joy Sedum

Starting at $6.80 (some have been cut back), these sedum are pollinator magnets!

• 40% off Japanese Painted Ferns

Now $8.40, these perennial ferns offer gorgeous color for shade gardens & combo pots.

• 50% off Scented Geraniums, Viking Begonias, Sweet Potato Vine Baskets

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