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New This Week

September 13, 2023

Week of Sept 11th: Artisans at Painters

We are excited to expand our retail offerings!

Not only are we excited to share our amazing plant inventory with you, but we are also psyched about our expanded retail offerings!

We will be carrying products from an array of local artisans as well as other small businesses within the US. The talented local artisans include Vine and Frond pottery, Solstice Handmade nature-themed stickers and pins, Line by Line Macrame plant hangers & earrings, Blackwater Artisans cedar planters & trellises, Stephanie Sipp botanical coloring books and cards, Earth Echoes herbal products (including a gardeners' lotion made with Painters herbs), and several more. We also now have liquid feed and houseplant products by small businesses including Elm Dirt and October Violet, continue to carry products by Foxgloves and Spearhead Spades, offer Worm Castings by local Life Cycle Organic, and per usual offer an array of beautiful outdoor pottery by Asheville-based Pottery Market, and fun garden art by Mayze Manufacturing of Forest City.

We love these locally crafted cedar planters of varying shapes and sizes by Blackwater Artisans. He even made us planters that perfectly fit our 8" mums!

Vine & Frond really outdid themselves this fall with all of the new designs - her work just keeps getting better and better. We love it all!

We are excited to now be carrying earrings by Line by Line Macrame as well as plant hangers, car hangers & more! She also does gorgeous wall hangers to order, like the one pictured above now hanging in our checkout building.

Solstice Handmade has some of the coolest stickers, pins (larval and adult stages of native butterflies and moths), and even art classes - we love their work and are thrilled that they will be setting up at our Little Crafty this fall!

Stephanie Sipp's coloring books and greeting cards are not only beautiful, but also educational - we love reading the historical and ecological tidbits about each plant!

Earth Echoes makes a variety of herbal products, but we are currently carrying our two favorite products - her unbeatable Poison Ivy Wipes (they really help!), and her gardener's hand lotion named "Painters Blend", made with herbs she purchased from Painters (it smells amazing and works great)!

Mayze Manufacturing of Forest City, has such fun concrete garden art! We love the stepping stones and mushrooms in particular!

You can never go wrong with the gorgeous colors, glazes and shapes of Pottery Market's indoor and outdoor pots! We have a wonderful selection.

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