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March 29, 2022

Tree and Shrub of the Week - March 28th

We want to introduce you to more of our favorite trees and shrubs with this new weekly feature

TREE OF THE WEEK: Profusion Crabapple

The leaves on this sun-loving specimen tree emerge maroon, turning green with red veins, and morph into a brilliant orange in autumn. The long-lasting brilliant pink flowers help attract bees, and the tree's fruit provides winter food for birds. Did you know that this crabapple can also help pollinate apple trees? Bred for disease resistance to apple scab, cedar-apple rust, fireblight, and mildew, this tree will grow to a height of 20'. Available in 3G pots for $30!

SHRUB OF THE WEEK: Loropetalum Dark Fire

Also known as Fringe Flower, this semi-evergreen shrub blooms bright pink in early spring and can even re-bloom! This variety has deep plum foliage, an upright mounding habit, and will reach a height and width of 4-5'. (Note that it is hardy in zones 7-10 and may not be suitable for our customers that live in colder areas.) 3 gallon pots are available for $28.

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