Tree & Shrub of the Week

We're highlighting two favorite natives this week


Magnolia virginiana - Sweetbay Magnolia - 2G for $26

10-30' tall and wide. These Magnolias have waxy white flowers that bloom in May/June and are extremely fragrant (like lemons!). They support 19 species of butterflies and moths, including the Spicebush Swallowtail and Eastern Tiger Swallowtail. Additionally, the Sweetbay's red seeds are a favorite of birds, supporting 17 genera of birds including mockingbirds, robins, eastern kingbirds, wood thrushes and red eye vireos! The strong stiff leaves are often used as nesting materials by eastern kingbirds, mockingbirds and Swainson's warblers.


Buttonbush - Cephalanthus occidentalis 3G for $25

This large shrub reaches 6-12' in height and width. Its found along stream banks and swamp margins. They develop a fun, ball shaped inflorescence of flowers with sweet smell that attracts butterflies and bees. The round fruit turns crimson red and can last on the bush through winter, eaten by waterfowl and other birds.