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May 23, 2023

Save on Flats of Our Plant of the Week: Black-Eyed Susan 'Goldsturm'

Learn more about one of the most popular pollinator plants in cultivation!

Available in 6 inch pots for $6.50 each, but to promote mass planting to benefit pollinators and birds, we’re offering a flat discount this week only, as long as supplies last.  A flat of six pots of Rudbeckia ‘Goldsturm’ was originally $39, but will be available this week for $32.50!  Buy 5 pots, get one free!

One of the most popular perennials in cultivation – this variety was first introduced in 1937 and is still going strong.  ‘Goldsturm’ means ‘storm of gold’ in German, and rightfully so!  While maintaining a compact size at 18-24” tall and wide, it produces a long season of rich yellow blooms from June to the first frosts in October.  In addition to the long bloom period, each individual bloom measures 4 inches in diameter and holds up for over a week, making it a great cut flower.

This long-lived perennial nativar performs best in full sun, and benefits from moist, well-draining soil during the growing season.  Part sun and dry soils are still tolerated, but may not bloom as prolifically.  Like others in the Asteraceae family, the composite blooms are attractive to butterflies and bees.  Most importantly, the seedheads left through autumn and winter provide winter food to seed-eating songbirds. 

Habit:  Upright and clump forming – spreads by rhizomes.  The plant benefits from some room and we recommend dividing it every few years to help spread the love to other areas of your garden or to friends!  This will also promote good airflow to prevent fungal issues.  

Applications:  Great in rain gardens, meadows, naturalized areas, cottage gardens, and works best planted en masse or in bold drifts in the garden.  Deer and rabbit resistant, drought tolerant once established, and tolerates heavy clay soil!

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