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New This Week

March 8, 2022

Plant Preview

Discover what we've got growing and a get a sneak peak at what you'll find at Painters this month!

Petunias are a great cold-tolerant annual. We will have 6-inch containers of several fun colors available this week (and in baskets and porch pots in a couple weeks). Our favorite is the above Black Velvet variety (pictured above)!

Starting this week you'll find an assortment of herbs inside the greenhouse.

Our cool-season veggie starts are out and ready to be planted (as well as seeds from Sow True Seeds)

We received over 150 plug trays full of annuals and veggies last week - that's over 40,000 plants! Check out some of the adorable baby plants below!

That's a lot of future plants!

Baby Begonias!

Tiny Vinca!

Tons of tomatoes!

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