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April 8, 2024

Plant of the Week: Foamflower

Native and Shade-Loving Spring Wildflowers

Foamflower, or Tiarella cordifolia, is a Painters favorite among spring wildflowers. And it’s blooming in the forests of WNC right now! Get out and enjoy it in the wild, and then head over here to Painters to bring some home to your own shade garden. 

Native to the woodlands and forests of the eastern US, foamflower usually grows under deciduous trees in hardwood forests, but you can also find it along streams in mixed wood forests. It appreciates evenly moist soil and full or partial shade. The dense mounding leaves can also make for a nice groundcover or woodland border.

The pink-tinged, white blooms grow on long thin stems above a dense mass of lobed foliage. When in bloom, these light and feathery flower-spikes can together resemble a gorgeous foamy assemblage. From the beautiful full leaves at the base to the delicate almost starburst shape of the blooms rising above, foamflower adds an artful architecture to your shade-loving garden. 

Plus it’s an easy-to-grow native plant. It prefers full or part shade and moist, well-drained soil. Snip the spent flowers after blooming to give the plant a tidier look, if you prefer. Painters has two varieties at two price points this spring. 

Tiarella cordifolia, Foamflower

NATIVE perennial (z4-9) part-full shade, 9-12'' tall, 1-2' wide

Thrives in moist, rich, well-drained soil

Dainty white-pink blooms early spring

$14.00 in 6.5” pots

Tiarella wherryi, or Wherry’s Foamflower

NATIVE perennial (z3-7) part-full shade, 1' tall and wide

Wands of airy white-pink blooms late spring

Thrives in rich, moist, well-drained soil; excellent for woodland edging

$6.00 in 4" pots

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