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February 27, 2023

Our New Point-of-Sale System and What it Means for You

Big changes are coming and we're excited!

We are very excited to enter the modern age and finally adopt a Point-of-Sale System! For many reasons, this is a big step for us - as we grow over 900 species on site in varying quantities and successive plantings, barcoding all of own crops may take a few years! We are taking it step by step, but rest assured that you will be seeing many benefits as of opening day!

How will this benefit you when you visit Painters?

  • If you supply your name and/or email, we can keep track of all of your purchases, thereby enabling us to look them up if you have any questions or issues.

  • We can now much more easily have sales for select items/select periods of time, so expect more weekly specials!

  • We can easily monitor your rewards points (and have days/weeks when you get extra points), so no need to remember your Painters Reward Card! When you reach 500 points, you will autmatically start receiving your 10% off.

  • This system will enable us to track sales of specific plants, and therefore give us much more information about which crops sell best. This will improve our ability to grow and offer what you all most want to see!

  • Down the road, we plan to develop a series of short care guides for varied plants folks may find more challenging or that have specific needs for ideal success - when you purchase one of these species, you will automatically get the care guide emailed to you along with your receipt if you supply us with your email.

We are just scratching the surface at this point, and are very excited for all this very elaborate system can do for Painters as well as for each of you! We do ask that you are patient with us as we adapt to the new system - we may take a little longer to total your carts at the forefront, but big picture we hope it can improve efficiency (and definitely accuracy)!

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