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New This Week

April 11, 2022

Our Favorite Shrubs this Week

Featuring Slender Deutzia and Himalayan Honeysuckle


1G for $12 - Deutzia gracilis 'Nikko'

A great woody ground cover that offers interest for three seasons of the year. This plant is deer resistant, clay soil tolerant, and will grow in full sun to part shade (appreciates afternoon shade in our southern climate).

Clusters of fragrant white flowers appear in mid-spring (blooming now) on this rounded, arching plant which spreads up to 5' while only reaching 1-2' in height. Dainty green foliage turns burgundy in the fall. It looks great as a groundcover along borders, slopes, in a container, or cascading down rock walls in masse plantings!


1G for $12 - Leycesteria formosa

A deciduous shrub (meaning it loses its leaves every winter) that is not invasive and provides a pop of color along a shady edge! This multi-stemmed shrub from Tibet and China provides much interest to wildlife. In Summer its chartreuse green leaves give way to trailing clusters of white flowers with dark red bracts that attract bees and every Autumn its ripe berries attract many bird species.

A very low maintenance shrub that responds well to trimming back to 6-12" in late winter. It tolerates full sun to part shade and reaches 4-8' tall/wide.

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