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September 6, 2022

Our Favorite Gardening Gloves, Hats, and Tools

We've put these tools to the test and they passed with flying colors

We are excited to now carry some of our favorite garden tools that we use ourselves, including Foxgloves gardening gloves and hats, Spear Head Spades, and Barebones hori horis and garden shears. You will find them available when shopping at Painters starting this Friday.


Our team member Nora is the one who got us addicted to Foxgloves. Every day she arrives at work with one of her favorite pairs of gloves (either the elbow-length style to protect and cool the hands and arms or the work glove style for heavier tasks), as well as her Foxgloves hat! The gloves are all super breathable, most are cooling rather than making work hotter, have padding in just the right places, and come in a ton of great colors. The hats are packable and shapeable and breathe so well that Dana is even willing to wear them (not a fan of sweaty hat head!), and again come in a range of fun colors! The best thing about Foxgloves is that all of these products are machine washable! We also love this upstate New York-based company for their wonderful customer service and because their hats are hand crocheted in Bali by a women’s cooperative!


The Owen family is obsessed with their Spear Head Spades! Truly the toughest and most efficient garden tool they've ever used, and a wonderful option for our tough clay and rock-filled soils! The Spear Head Spade garden shovel was designed by 85-year old Daniel Mathieu to easily penetrate tough soils and be lightweight while incredibly durable - anyone will appreciate using them, but it's especially helpful for folks with some aches and pains, bad backs, or other challenges making digging a daunting task. Dana swears by the shorter spade, as it is small and incredibly light, but also has a lot of leverage due to the shorter length. The New Jersey based company claims their spades make digging 80% easier than the typical garden shovel or spade, and we agree wholeheartedly! We are proud to be the first NC business carrying them!


Team member Betsy got us hooked on Barebones' products, in particular the Ultimate Hori Hori! She claims she tests it to the extreme, using it for anything from digging, sawing, and prying rocks to hammering posts... yet it still looks beautiful without a speck of rust! Barebones makes incredibly tough tools that also feature beautiful craftsmanship. We are currently offering their original and ultimate Hori Horis (designed to mimic the popular Japanese Garden Knife), as well as their garden pruners and garden scissors and may add a few more options down the road! Barebones stems from philanthropic roots - the first product created by the Barebones team was a state-of-the-art emergency shelter, and they continue to provide these to underprivileged communities and disaster recovery efforts.

Our Barebones Unboxing!

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