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February 27, 2023

Opening Week Highlights & Specials

Preview what you'll find at Painters on opening day, this Wednesday, March 1st!

IT'S TIME!!! Painters Greenhouse opens its doors for the 50th spring season this Wednesday, March 1st! Our 50th year is sure to be our best yet, and we are starting with a bang - featuring a wide variety of healthy, locally grown trees and shrubs, cold-tolerant veggie starts and annuals, and an expanded houseplant program! Our first week will also include a variety of plant specials as well as clearance on select houseplants, garden art and containers.







We have a large variety of healthy vegetable starts grown on site, including bunching green onions, leeks, beets, pak choi, broccoli, brussels sprouts, kohlrabi, cabbage, and greens including mustard, collards, kale, arugula, and assorted lettuce. These vegetables are not treated with any chemicals and safe to eat off the tables!


We will have a variety of cool-season beauties available including phlox, hellebores, lupines, perennial ferns, Tractor Seat Plant, and Spanish Lavender.

Our lupines are just starting to bloom and look fantastic - a real steal for only $9.50!

A large selection of tropicals including bananas, rex begonias, elephant ears, and a wide selection of ferns including our famous Boston Ferns, Kim Queens, Machos, and more!

Plus unique colors and a wide assortment of pansies and violas!

Our plant availability list will be posted sometime today (Tuesday)! You can also check out our updated greenhouse maps so you know exactly where to find your favorite plants on opening day!


It's time to start planting trees and shrubs, and you will find WNC's largest variety of homegrown, native trees and shrubs at Painters! Not sure where to begin? How about with some of our favorite trees & shrubs that bloom in cooler months to add late winter interest to your garden for years to come?

Variegated Winter Daphne is one of our favorite shrubs that bloom in late winter; its flowers give off a delicious scent, it is a great shade option, and ours are looking beautiful at the moment! Available in 3 Gal pots for $40

Okame Flowering Cherry
Okame Flowering Cherry

Flowering Cherries are another tree that puts out beautiful blooms in late winter and attracts a wide variety of pollinators. You'll be sure to notice the clusters of lightly fragrant pink blooms on our Okame Flowering Cherries if you stroll through our tree & shrub section on opening day!

Available in 2/3 Gal pots for $30

Know exactly what you're looking for? Get familiar with our tree & shrub area via our updated maps so you can easily find everything on your list!


If you shopped with us during our Valentine's Day Sale and loved our wide selection of new houseplants, you are going to be blown away by our selection on opening day!

Monstera siltepecana

6" pot $52.50

Mature Cebu Blue Pothos with fenestrations!

8" hanging basket $40

Hoya curtisii

8" hanging basket $28

Rhaphidophora 'Dragon Tail', Rhaphidophora decursiva

4" pot $16

Monstera Swiss Cheese Vine Narrow Form, Monstera adansonii

8" hanging basket - $24


$10 off 5'+ Bird of Paradise

3G plants are now only $74!

Save $5 When You Buy Two 10" Boston Ferns this Week!

Get two of our gorgeous Boston Ferns for $35 ($20 individually)

30% Off 6" Black Coral Snake Plant

Originally $10, save $3 during opening week!

$4 off Laceleaf Anthurium, Anthurium andraeanum

Marked down to $10 for opening week, multiple colors!


30% Off All Fairy Items

And check out our clearance area where you can find assorted garden art, tools and pots - all 50% off list prices!

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