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New This Week

September 28, 2022

New Markdowns this Week

Savings on mums plus flat discounts on 6" annuals and perennials

Our pots of 13" Mums are truly massive!

Save 20% on 10" and 13" mum porch pots now $12 and $18

6" Mexican Bush Sage starting to bloom!

Buy 5 get 1 free 6" annuals/tender perennials

Our Mexican Bush Sage is starting to bloom (great for bees, gorgeous fall color, and hardy to zone 7b), and our Pineapple Sage which is also hardy to zone 7b and amazing for hummingbirds!

Blue Plumbago
6" Perennial Blue Plumbago

Save $6 on a flat of 6 6" perennials

Build a flat from a combination of ground covers, fall bloomers like blue plumbago, pollinator plants like milkweed and coneflower, and more!

Tutti Frutti Agastache
6" Perennial Tutti Frutti Agastache

Swamp Milkweed
6" Perennial Swamp Milkweed

6" Perennial Bell Flower
6" Perennial Bell Flower

Sedum - mamy varieties!

Save $2 on a flat of 10 4" Sedum or $4 on a flat of 6 6"

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