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New This Week

September 15, 2022

New Colors of Pansies & Violas this Week

Plus we discuss the difference between these two flowering annuals

We will have a beautiful new assortment of Violas and Pansies waiting for you this Friday! We love creating fall combo pots by pairing Violas and Pansies with foliage options like Autumn Ferns, Leatherleaf Sedge, or Heuchera, and adding trailers such as Creeping Jenny or Wire Vine.


Can't choose between the two? Did you know that pansies are derived from violas? That means all pansies are violas but not all violas are pansies.


Pansies have bigger flowers that always make a statement, but have fewer blooms at one time. They are taller and larger overall than violas. You’ll also find pansies in a wider variety of colors.


Violas are smaller with more blooms per plant. They spread more easily and will trail slightly if placed on the edge of a planter. The main difference is that violas are a bit hardier than pansies and in WNC will provide you with flowers from October through April - even after a snowfall!

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