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January 24, 2023

New Citrus Trees Available at Our Valentine's Day Sale

Grow your own citrus at home!

Imagine this: you're at home cooking your favorite recipe or putting together your favorite mixed drink. It calls for a squeeze of lime or some fresh lemon zest but you forgot them at the grocery store. Not to worry! You can pick one fresh because you bought a citrus tree at Painters Greenhouse! We will have a limited selection of the following citrus trees available at our Valentine's Day Weekend Sale:


The smell from the beautiful blooms on these trees is utterly intoxicating and many of them are already starting to fruit!

1 gal - $40

3 gal - $50


Who doesn't love key lime pie? (left)

1 gal - $40

3 gal - $50


These trees are almost 4' tall and already putting out a tremendous amount of fruit! Quantities are very limited. (center/right)

5 gal - $72

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